The Little Gallery Dorset            

A Collaboration of Works

                                                               Sue & Xav Coussy


Please note all of our designs are created by hand and are therefore 'one -offs'. However, if there is a particular design you like that is no longer available please email us and we may be able to make something similar. We can also customise Pebble Art with customer names etc.

Please note colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.

Please understand the actual colour may vary slightly from your monitor

All works are copyright.

I started Beachcomber Art with my love of the sea and the beautiful beaches found close to my home in Dorset. I have always beachcombed picking up bits of interesting flotsam, pebbles, shells, driftwood and sea glass.


I collected so much that I decided to find a use for my treasures. I started off mainly making Driftwood Sculptures then became interested in Pebble Art [which I love] always looking for new an amusing scenarios for my now signature ‘black birds’.


After opening ‘The Little Gallery Dorset’ in ‘The Courtyard Craft Centre’  having more wall space available to me and wanting something different to do I started creating Spray Art Pictures again using an ordinary spray can. I had dabbled with this a few years ago but until recently had not had a workshop in which to paint again. It is very liberating being able to use my imagination to create strange universes and planets and has been very successful in the gallery.


I have also enjoyed the intricate detail needed to create small fishing scenes with driftwood and other household or beachcombed items.





Last year [2018] I discovered Silk Painting and absoloutely love it! It takes time to transfer your artwork from the drawing stage to the silk, then comes the task of outlining everything with a product called Gutta that makes a barrier between different parts of your picture and also helps to enhance as it comes in many colours.

When the picture is finished it then has to be ironed to set the colour and mounted in the picture frame under Perspex to keep it clean and show it off to it's best.


I also discovered Posca Pens which are pens that are full of Acrylic Paint and they allow for a freedom of movement and come in a diverse range of colours.


I am now trading under my own name under The Little Gallery Dorset.


Below some of my earlier Driftwood Creations